Ode to the Offensive Line

May 06, 2013 No Comments by

They don’t keep many stats on you. Your names are never up in lights. You’re about the only players not recognised on fantasy sites. If you do your job perfectly, very little will be said, But miss a block, allow a sack and people start calling for your head. To those critics who haven’t played there first-hand, [...]

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A 100-year-old poem that will better you as a person and teammate

Apr 26, 2013 No Comments by

Rudyard Kipling, best known as the author of The Jungle Book, had a depth and genius to his writing that extended far beyond his works of fiction. His poem below, ‘If’, evocatively prods at our vulnerable human psyche and spirit. At one point or another, every one of us have over-analysed games or situations, pointed fingers [...]

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If you can’t win, lose like a champion

Apr 16, 2013 No Comments by

Congratulations to Adam Scott who showed nerves of steel, holing a birdie putt on the second playoff hole to became the Masters champion. The ability to nail such a clutch putt is all the more impressive after Scott was chastised by the media for “choking” at last year’s British Open. Scott a deserving winner, doing [...]

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5 strategies to turn failure into success

Apr 10, 2013 No Comments by

All of us have been guilty of focusing so blindly on ‘avoiding failure’ that we lose sight of the more valuable goal at hand, which is long-term, sustainable success. Fear of loss is a uniquely human fear, and its crippling effect means we often settle for mediocrity and perform satisfactorily within our comfort zones rather than [...]

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Think and Grow Strong: Eric Abidal’s triumphant return to his field of dreams

Apr 03, 2013 No Comments by

In 2011, Eric Abidal underwent surgery to remove a tumour on his liver. Fans and fellow players performed some incredible acts of solidarity and support during this tough time. In subsequent games after the surgery, players from both teams wore “Ánimo Abidal” (Get Well Abidal) t-shirts and fans clapped for the entire 22nd minute (Abidal’s [...]

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